BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
doraecj: fix unpackpost taskCristian Iorga6 years
dunfellopenjdk-8: remove -WerrorRichard Leitner4 weeks
g0hl1n/jdk14openjdk-14: add 14.0.1Richard Leitner12 days
g0hl1n/jdk8-fixopenjdk-8: remove -WerrorRichard Leitner4 weeks
g0hl1n/wip-jdk8u242gaopenjdk-8: fix jdk linking for non aarch architecturesRichard Leitner4 months
krogothlibecj: fix build issues by adding missing dependenciesAdrian Calianu3 years
masteropenjdk-8: remove -WerrorRichard Leitner4 weeks
master-nexticedtea7-native: host gcc-9, extra CFLAGS neededRobert Berger3 weeks
mortyopenjdk-7: fix compile errors with current poky master (gcc6)Richard Leitner2 years
pyroicedtea-native: Fix segmentation build during buildRicardo Ribalda Delgado2 years
pyro-nfvaccessjava-test-image: drop ROOTFS_PKGMANAGE_BOOTSTRAP varTim Orling3 years
rockoopenjdk-8: strip leading non digit chars from GCCVERSIONMax Krummenacher2 years
sumodbus-java: do not build any documentationYevgeny Popovych21 months
thudRevert "base-files: Define JAVA_HOME by default"Fang Jia5 months
warriorRevert "openjdk-8: disable, stringop-overflow compiler errors"Richard Leitner5 months
wipmeta-java: remove dependency on meta-oeMaxin B. John3 years
zeusRevert "recipes: rename distro_features_check to features_check"Jacob Kroon8 weeks