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* Remove newlines in echosRoss Burton2007-01-172-8/+8
* Fix machine guessing sedRoss Burton2007-01-171-1/+1
* Remove bashismRoss Burton2007-01-172-4/+2
* scripts: Rename scripts, update READMERichard Purdie2007-01-166-65/+100
* runqemu: Tweak scriptsRichard Purdie2007-01-163-6/+4
* runqemu: Revamp scripts, splitting into a core internal script and two helper...Richard Purdie2007-01-163-48/+214
* Remove bashismRoss Burton2006-12-052-15/+15
* scripts/runqemu: Remove some duplicationRichard Purdie2006-12-041-10/+18
* scripts/runqemu: Add distcc supportRichard Purdie2006-12-041-11/+34
* scripts/runqemu improvements:Richard Purdie2006-11-302-1/+17
* scripts: Move main contents of poky-init-build-env to scripts/poky-env-intern...Richard Purdie2006-11-232-0/+106
* runqemu: Refactor network device commandlines and enable for qemux86 ext2 ima...Richard Purdie2006-11-201-4/+7
* runqemu: Use different nfs paths for qemuarm and qemux86Richard Purdie2006-11-202-5/+7
* scripts/runqemu: Add qemux86 supportRichard Purdie2006-11-201-3/+23
* Improve the qemu scripts and documentation (qemux86 support isn't complete yet)Richard Purdie2006-11-175-40/+67
* Various minor tweaks to get qemu emulating a touchscreen deviceMatthew Allum2006-09-281-1/+1
* Update qemu-nfs script to work with versatile/PB kernelChris Lord2006-09-081-1/+7
* Add qemu-ext2 script and new notes to READMEMatthew Allum2006-08-293-3/+31
* Rename to Larson2006-08-101-0/+0
* Bugfix in the jhbuild emitter: wasn't properly emitting for templated packages.Chris Larson2006-08-101-2/+4
* First pass of the emitter for the jhbuild script.Chris Larson2006-08-071-10/+64
* Add the partial rewrite of my jhbuild -> oe metadata conversion tool, along w...Chris Larson2006-08-0717-0/+15954
* Added scripts dirMatthew Allum2006-07-284-0/+49