path: root/poky-init-build-env
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* scripts: Move main contents of poky-init-build-env to scripts/poky-env-intern...Richard Purdie2006-11-231-56/+1
* poky-init-build-env: Add scripts dir to the PATH, export BUILDDIR and OEROOT,...Richard Purdie2006-11-171-2/+6
* Rename the supplied default local.conf to local.conf.sample, per mallum's req...Chris Larson2006-08-291-0/+4
* poky-init-build-env: add $HOME/.pokyChris Larson2006-08-281-5/+1
* poky-init-build-env: add $HOME/.oe to BBPATH, for setting a per user conf/sit...Chris Larson2006-08-281-3/+10
* Directly make use of the OEROOT environment variable in the default local.con...Chris Larson2006-08-271-7/+1
* Add GPL/Copyright to poky-init-build-env scriptMatthew Allum2006-07-251-0/+19
* Add a check for sourcing present when running poky-init-build-envMatthew Allum2006-07-211-2/+11
* renameMatthew Allum2006-07-211-0/+49