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* classes: Update classes to match new bitbake class scope functionalityRichard Purdie2022-08-121-9/+0
* classes: Add SPDX license identifiersRichard Purdie2022-08-121-0/+2
* classes: Add copyright statements to files without oneRichard Purdie2022-08-121-0/+4
* base/perlnative/pythonnative/gzipnative: Add a new variable to enable easier ...Richard Purdie2012-07-261-1/+1
* cmake.bbclass, perlnative.bbclass: arrange for cmake to find perl-nativePhil Blundell2011-08-171-0/+1
* perlnative.bbclass: add the fileDexuan Cui2011-06-091-0/+2