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* beagleboard-audio: drop in favour of alsa-stateJoshua Lock2012-01-172-77/+0
* alsa-state: add beagleboard specific asound.stateJoshua Lock2012-01-172-0/+657
* beagleboard-audio: fix RDEPENDS on alsa-utils-amixerPaul Eggleton2011-09-301-2/+2
* beagleboard-audio: Set COMPATIBLE_MACHINE and also remove toolchain dependenc...Richard Purdie2011-06-221-0/+3
* beagleboard: add basic audio mixer defaultsDarren Hart2011-06-222-0/+74
* meta-yocto: use FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := in all bbappendsPaul Eggleton2011-06-151-3/+1
* meta-yocto: add pieces removed from oe-core for beagleboard & atom-pcPaul Eggleton2011-05-053-0/+12