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update-rc.d: check also that symlinks are valid
Running: update-rc.d -r /path/to/target/rootfs basename defaults at do_rootfs time in package postinstall stage, when /path/to/target/rootfs/etc/init.d/basename is a symlink and points to some path on target (for example: /etc/init.d/basename.some_package), would fail and the postinstall execution would be postponed for first boot, on target. This patch adds the posibility to verify whether the file the symlink points to actually exists in the target rootfs. [YOCTO #3716] (From OE-Core rev: 4b63e73422ea25aba1bde0beddb02bc04948e13c) Signed-off-by: Laurentiu Palcu <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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