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combo-layer-tool: add tool to manipulate combo layers
This patch adds the script "combo-layer" to manipulate combo layer repos. A combo layer repo is a repo containing multiple component repos, e.g. oe-core, bitbake, BSP repos. The combo layer repo needs to be updated by syncing with the component repo upstream. This script is written to assist the combo layer handling. The combo layer tool provides three functionalities: - init: when the combo layer repo and component repo does not exist, init will "git init" the combo layer repo, and also "git clone" the component repos - update: combo layer tool will pull the latest commit from component repo upstream, and apply the commits since last update commit to the combo repo. If the user specifies interactive mode(--interactive), they can edit the patch list to select which commits to apply. - splitpatch: split the combo repo commit into separate patches per component repo, to facilitate upstream submission. Combo layer tool uses a config file to define the component repo info. Please check the combo-layer.conf.example for a detailed explanation of the config file fields. (From OE-Core rev: 68394476748386e58f40173643967f5a248173b1) Signed-off-by: Yu Ke <> Signed-off-by: Paul Eggleton <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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1# component name
3# mandatory options
4# git upstream uri
5src_uri = git://
7# the directory to clone the component repo
8local_repo_dir = /home/kyu3/src/test/bitbake
10# the relative dir to commit the repo patch
11# use "." if it is root dir
12dest_dir = bitbake
14# the updated revision last time.
15# If empty, the tool will start from the first commit
16last_revision =
18# optional options
20# file_filter: only include the interested file
21# file_filter = [path] [path] ...
22# example:
23# file_filter = src/ : only include the subdir src
24# file_filter = src/*.c : only include the src *.c file
25# file_filter = src/main.c src/ : only include these two files
27# hook: if provided, the tool will call the hook to process the generated patch from upstream,
28# and then apply the modified patch to combo repo
29# the hook's parameter is: ./hook patchpath revision reponame
30# example:
31# hook =
34src_uri = git://
35local_repo_dir = /home/kyu3/src/test/oecore
36dest_dir = .
37last_revision =