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authorDaniel McGregor <>2020-06-15 22:01:43 (GMT)
committerRichard Purdie <>2020-06-17 10:10:28 (GMT)
commita21efde0c77633a72f8465a219439e45a5ac9dda (patch)
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parentfbd5b12001ddfd3f31d000b984ec2a0eb5b7481c (diff)
buildhistory-collect-srcrevs: sort directories
In order to allow consistent output of buildhistory-collect-srcrevs sort the list of directories returned by os.walk. Otherwise the list of SRCREVs is returned in an unspecified order. We save the output of this command on build, so it creates smaller diffs between builds. (From OE-Core rev: 3d7cb207ad4ec3cd5a3064147d3c9b5a1730d0fb) Signed-off-by: Daniel McGregor <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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diff --git a/scripts/buildhistory-collect-srcrevs b/scripts/buildhistory-collect-srcrevs
index c4d203f..340bee7 100755
--- a/scripts/buildhistory-collect-srcrevs
+++ b/scripts/buildhistory-collect-srcrevs
@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ def main():
59 59
60 all_srcrevs = collections.defaultdict(list) 60 all_srcrevs = collections.defaultdict(list)
61 for root, dirs, files in os.walk(options.buildhistory_dir): 61 for root, dirs, files in os.walk(options.buildhistory_dir):
62 dirs.sort()
62 if '.git' in dirs: 63 if '.git' in dirs:
63 dirs.remove('.git') 64 dirs.remove('.git')
64 for fn in files: 65 for fn in files: