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130 detects the change in the recipe and fetches and applies the patches 130 detects the change in the recipe and fetches and applies the patches
131 before building the kernel. 131 before building the kernel.
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136 <literallayout class='monospaced'>
137If you have a patch, or a small series of patches, to apply to the Linux kernel
138source, you can do so just as you would with any other recipe. You first copy
139the patches to the path added to FILESEXTRAPATHS in the bbappend file as
140described in 2.2 and then reference them in the SRC_URI.
142For example, you can apply a three patch series by adding the following lines to
143your linux-yocto bbappend file in your layer:
145 SRC_URI += "file://0001-first-change.patch"
146 SRC_URI += "file://0002-first-change.patch"
147 SRC_URI += "file://0003-first-change.patch"
149At the next build, bitbake will detect the change in the recipe and fetch and
150apply the patches before rebuilding the Linux kernel.
151 </literallayout>
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155 <section id='changing-the-configuration'> 135 <section id='changing-the-configuration'>