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kernel-dev: Added an AR to the beginning for Darren
The concepts in three bulleted items in the old kernel manual need to be present in this new manual. I put in a bit of text right at the beginning of the manual in the form of an AR for Darren. This will eventually be removed, but for now it is there so that it won't slip through the cracks. (From yocto-docs rev: 85b7300df30837f72d936f8ec1af0b2a4a9c1a88) Signed-off-by: Scott Rifenbark <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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5<chapter id='kernel-dev-intro'> 5<chapter id='kernel-dev-intro'>
6<title>Introduction</title> 6<title>Introduction</title>
7 7
9 <emphasis>AR - Darrren Hart:</emphasis> See if the concepts in these
10 three bullets are adequately covered in somewhere in this manual:
11 <itemizedlist>
12 <listitem><para>Do we convey that our kernel Git repositories
13 have a clear and continuous history, similar to the way the
14 kernel Git repositories for <filename></filename>
15 do.
16 </para></listitem>
17 <listitem><para>Does the manual note that Yocto Project delivers
18 a key set of supported kernel types, where
19 each type is tailored to meet a specific use (e.g. networking,
20 consumer, devices, and so forth).</para></listitem>
21 <listitem><para>Do we convey that the Yocto Project uses a
22 Git branching strategy that, from a
23 developer's point of view, results in a linear path from the
24 baseline, through a select group of features and
25 ends with their BSP-specific commits.</para></listitem>
26 </itemizedlist>
8 <section id='kernel-dev-overview'> 29 <section id='kernel-dev-overview'>
9 <title>Overview</title> 30 <title>Overview</title>
10 31