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117 section in the Yocto Project Board Support Package (BSP) Developer's 117 section in the Yocto Project Board Support Package (BSP) Developer's
118 Guide. 118 Guide.
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124Each Yocto Project release introduces a new set of linux-yocto kernel recipes,
125tracking the latest upstream developments and introducing newly supported
126platforms. In addition to the new kernel recipes, the previous recipes are
127refreshed and supported for at least one additional release. As they align,
128these previous releases are updated to include the latest from the LTSI project.
129Besides these recipes, a linux-yocto-dev recipe is available for working with
130the very latest in upstream Linux kernel development as well as meta-data
133If you do not maintain your own kernel sources and need to make only minimal
134changes to the sources, these recipes provide a vetted base upon which to layer
135your changes. Doing so allows you to benefit from the continual kernel
136integration and testing performed during development of the Yocto Project.
138If, instead, you have a very specific Linux kernel source tree and are unable to
139align with one of the many official linux-yocto releases, an alternative
140exists by which you can use the Yocto Project Linux kernel tools with your own
143The sections that follow provide instructions for completing specific Linux
144kernel development tasks. They assume familiarity with working with bitbake
145recipes and basic open-source development tools. Understanding these concepts
146will facilitate the process of working with the kernel recipes. If you find you
147need some additional background, please be sure to review and understand the
148following documentation:
150o Yocto Project Getting Started Guide
151o Yocto Project Development Manual
152 - 4.3 Modifying Temporary Source Code
153 - 5.1 Understanding and Creating Layers
154 - 4.1.2 Modifying the Kernel
155 (This section should be retired, as well as 5.6, 5.7 - with this document
156 providing the necessary information)
158Finally, while this document focuses on the manual creation of recipes, patches,
159and configuration files, the Yocto Project BSP tools are available to automate
160this process with existing content and work well to create the initial framework
161and boilerplate code. For details, refer to the Yocto Project BSP Developer's
163 </literallayout>
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