path: root/meta-sys940x/recipes-core/netbase
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* init-ifupdown: move network interfaces file for fri2 and sys940xDarren Hart2013-04-183-24/+0
* netbase: Use machine override for netbase genmac dependency1.4_M5.rc1Darren Hart2013-03-081-1/+2
* meta-sys940x: Catch up with netbase 4.47 -> 5.0 upgradeRichard Purdie2012-07-111-0/+0
* netbase: put sys940x specific interfaces file in MACHINE directoryJoshua Lock2012-02-113-2/+12
* netbase: Add interfaces with RANDOM_MAC for sys940x* machinesDarren Hart2012-02-032-0/+13