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* compute-runtime: addAnuj Mittal2019-08-212-0/+86
* igc: build for native tooAnuj Mittal2019-08-213-3/+130
* llvm-spirv: update to sync with opencl-clangAnuj Mittal2019-08-214-425/+371
* opencl-clang: upgrade 8.0.0 -> 8.0.1Anuj Mittal2019-08-211-2/+4
* opencl-clang: move to a separate recipeAnuj Mittal2019-08-215-65/+74
* intel-graphics-compiler: use custom UPSTREAM_CHECK_GITTAGREGEXAnuj Mittal2019-08-091-0/+2
* lms: upgrade 1921.0.0.0 -> 1932.0.0.0Alexander Usyskin2019-08-062-11/+6
* intel-graphics-compiler: build only when clang layer is includedAnuj Mittal2019-07-313-0/+142
* lms: add recipe for lms 1921.0.0.0Alexander Usyskin2019-06-192-0/+70
* clang: build Intel common-clang and spirvAnuj Mittal2019-05-178-0/+1784