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* fix xorg packaging issue for emgd BSPsNitin A Kamble2012-12-031-0/+9
* remove xaa from matrox XSERVER variableTom Zanussi2012-11-291-2/+1
* removeTom Zanussi2012-08-291-58/+0
* new fileTom Zanussi2012-08-292-7/+16
* Drop glibc --with-tls option, its now the only option for glibcRichard Purdie2012-08-221-1/+0
* meta-intel:Add a MATROX MGA variable to ia32-base.incKishore Bodke2012-08-101-0/+4
* meta-intel: remove video acceleration from emgd XSERVERTom Zanussi2012-05-301-4/+0
* Use a weak default assignment for kernel provider and versionDarren Hart2012-05-071-2/+2
* ia32-base: don't use obsolete kernel26Tom Zanussi2012-04-191-1/+1
* n450: fix wrong video driverZhai Edwin2012-03-231-0/+4
* ia32-base: add libva display dependencies to emgd xserverTom Zanussi2012-03-181-0/+3
* ia32-base: remove libc-headers PREFERRED_PROVIDERTom Zanussi2012-03-061-1/+0
* ia32-base: add alsa to MACHINE_FEATURESJoshua Lock2012-01-171-1/+1
* meta-intel: change EMGD xserver libva dependency to libva-x11Tom Zanussi2011-12-221-1/+1
* meta-intel: add libva to EGMD xserverTom Zanussi2011-12-021-1/+3
* new include fileTom Zanussi2011-11-211-0/+58