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systemd-boot: move commit pinning to
systemd-boot shouldn't be stuck on a certain commit just because RMC is. This effectively upgrades our systemd-boot version from v232 to v234. We also get to drop a patch that was accepted upstream. Signed-off-by: California Sullivan <>
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1# Pin systemd revision down for systemd-boot recipe.
2# Patches could not be applied cleanly when systemd in OE is updated,
3# though we don't expect a lot of changes could happen in bootloader.
4# RMC is designed to support a large number of types of boards, so we
5# should do explicit update with validation to prevent regression even
6# resolving conflicts for a new tip could be done in a short time.
8# Revision: systemd v232 in OE
9SRCREV_intel-x86-common = "a1e2ef7ec912902d8142e7cb5830cbfb47dba86c"
1DEPENDS_append_intel-x86-common = " rmc rmc-efi" 11DEPENDS_append_intel-x86-common = " rmc rmc-efi"
2 12
3EXTRA_OEMAKE_append_intel-x86-common = ' EFI_LDFLAGS="-L${STAGING_DIR_HOST}/usr/lib" EFI_CFLAGS="-I${STAGING_INCDIR}/rmc -DRMC_EFI"' 13EXTRA_OEMAKE_append_intel-x86-common = ' EFI_LDFLAGS="-L${STAGING_DIR_HOST}/usr/lib" EFI_CFLAGS="-I${STAGING_INCDIR}/rmc -DRMC_EFI"'