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1The intel-* BSPs, also known as the intel-common BSPs, provide a few
2carefully selected tune options and generic hardware support to cover
3the majority of current Intel CPUs and devices. The naming follows the
4convention of intel-<TUNE>-<BITS>, where TUNE is the gcc cpu-type (used
5with mtune and march typically) and BITS is either 32 bit or 64 bit.
8This BSP is optimized for the Core2 family of CPUs as well as all Atom
9CPUs prior to the Silvermont core.
12This BSP is optimized for Nehalem and later Core and Xeon CPUs as well
13as Silvermont and later Atom CPUs, such as the Baytrail SoCs.
15These BSPs use what we call the intel-common Linux kernel package
16architecture. This includes core2-32-intel-common and
17corei7-64-intel-common. These kernel packages can also be used by any of
18the BSPs in meta-intel that choose to include the file. To minimize the proliferation of vendor
20trees, reduce the sources we must support, and consolidate QA efforts,
21all BSP maintainers are encouraged to make use of the intel-common Linux
22kernel package architecture.
24Of the BSPs presently included in meta-intel, the following have passed
25initial testing with the intel-common BSPs (rather than the named BSP):
27For intel-corei7-64:
28 crystalforest-server
29 crystalforest-gladden
30 haswell-wc
31 nuc (Ivy Bridge and Haswell, manual audio config required)
32 sugarbay
34For intel-core2-32:
35 <currently under test>
37If you are interested in a BSP not listed here, chances are we are
38currently working on resolving some configuration issues with it. Please
39check the bugzilla and check in with us on the meta-intel mailing list.