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authorCalifornia Sullivan <>2017-05-10 21:59:04 (GMT)
committerSaul Wold <>2017-05-11 01:17:11 (GMT)
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recipes-kernel/linux/*: Standardize use of KERNEL_FEATURES_INTEL_COMMON
Previously, some recipes hard set it to empty, and some recipes did not set it at all. So in some cases, it acted like a global variable you could modify, and in others you could only append to it. This behavior made it difficult to use (which I doubt anyone was doing). This patch changes the variable to be soft set to empty across all recipes. This way it can be used to globally change meta-intel kernels through a conf file, or individually in the different versioned recipes should the need arise. Signed-off-by: California Sullivan <> Signed-off-by: Saul Wold <>
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2 2
3COMPATIBLE_MACHINE_core2-32-intel-common = "${MACHINE}" 3COMPATIBLE_MACHINE_core2-32-intel-common = "${MACHINE}"
4KMACHINE_core2-32-intel-common = "intel-core2-32" 4KMACHINE_core2-32-intel-common = "intel-core2-32"