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meta-intel: Clarify and relocate patch submission guidelines
The current location for patch submission guidelines, MAINTAINERS, doesn't make as much sense for that information as does README, so move the relevant information there. The existing patch submission guidelines also aren't as clear and exhaustive as they could be; this change additionally adds more detailed expectations for patch submission. Both files also get a bit of reorganization and a bit more explicit text describing their purpose. Signed-off-by: Tom Zanussi <>
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5 5
6Please see the README files contained in the individual BSP layers for 6Please see the README files contained in the individual BSP layers for
7BSP-specific information. 7BSP-specific information.
9If you have problems with or questions about a particular BSP, please
10contact the maintainer listed in the MAINTAINERS file directly (cc:ing
11the Yocto mailing list puts it in the archive and helps other people
12who might have the same questions in the future), but please try to do
13the following first:
15 - look in the Yocto Project Bugzilla
16 ( to see if a problem has
17 already been reported
19 - look through recent entries of the meta-intel
20 ( and Yocto
21 ( mailing list
22 archives to see if other people have run into similar problems or
23 had similar questions answered.
25If you believe you have encountered a bug, you can open a new bug and
26enter the details in the Yocto Project Bugzilla
27( If you're relatively certain
28that it's a bug against the BSP itself, please use the 'Yocto Project
29Components: BSPs | meta-intel' category for the bug; otherwise, please
30submit the bug against the most likely category for the problem - if
31you're wrong, it's not a big deal and the bug will be recategorized
32upon triage.
34Guidelines for submitting patches
37Please submit any patches against meta-intel BSPs to the meta-intel
38mailing list ( Also, if your patches are
39available via a public git repository, please also include a URL to
40the repo and branch containing your patches as that makes it easier
41for maintainers to grab and test your patches.
43There are patch submission scripts available that will, among other
44things, automatically include the repo URL and branch as mentioned.
45Please see the Yocto Project Development Manual sections entitled
46'Using Scripts to Push a Change Upstream and Request a Pull' and
47'Using Email to Submit a Patch' for details.
49Regardless of how you submit a patch or patchset, the patches should
50at minimum follow the suggestions outlined in the 'How to Submit a
51Change' secion in the Yocto Project Development Manual. Specifically,
52they should:
54 - Include a 'Signed-off-by:' line. A commit can't legally be pulled
55 in without this.
57 - Provide a single-line, short summary of the change. This short
58 description should be prefixed by the BSP or recipe name, as
59 appropriate, followed by a colon. Capitalize the first character
60 of the summary (following the colon).
62 - For the body of the commit message, provide detailed information
63 that describes what you changed, why you made the change, and the
64 approach you used.
66 - If the change addresses a specific bug or issue that is associated
67 with a bug-tracking ID, include a reference to that ID in your
68 detailed description in the following format: [YOCTO #<bug-id>].
70 - Pay attention to line length - please don't allow any particular
71 line in the commit message to stretch past 72 characters.
73 - For any non-trivial patch, provide information about how you
74 tested the patch, and for any non-trivial or non-obvious testing
75 setup, provide details of that setup.
77Doing a quick 'git log' in meta-intel will provide you with many
78examples of good example commits if you have questions about any
79aspect of the preferred format.
81The meta-intel maintainers will do their best to review and/or pull in
82a patch or patchset within 24 hours of the time it was posted. For
83larger and/or more involved patches and patchsets, the review process
84may take longer.