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* blktrace: update to version 1.0.5Tom Zanussi2012-03-191-3/+3
* Add Upstream-Status to patchesSaul Wold2012-01-031-0/+2
* blktrace: update to version 1.0.3Tom Zanussi2011-09-282-34/+4
* poky-default-revisions: move the SRCREV to recipe fileYu Ke2011-05-041-0/+2
* blktrace: fix build issue with gcc dso linking changeNitin A Kamble2011-01-202-2/+29
* blktrace: Fix parallel make issueTom Zanussi2010-12-302-3/+3
* blktrace: new packageTom Zanussi2010-11-232-0/+78