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* libsdl: update to 1.2.15Kang Kai2012-03-143-83/+3
* libsdl: add DirectFB supportAndreas Oberritter2012-03-081-3/+5
* libsdl: allow building without x11Paul Eggleton2012-02-241-4/+7
* libsdl 1.2.14: regenerate patch so it applies with 'patch' as well as 'git ap...Koen Kooi2012-02-231-9/+18
* libsdl: add fix for new _XGetRequest symbol backported to libx11Martin Jansa2012-02-212-1/+72
* libsdl 1.2.14: fix packagingKoen Kooi2011-12-191-2/+2
* Patch Upstream Status UpdatesSaul Wold2011-12-151-0/+2
* libsdl: Disable pulseaudio explicitlyRichard Purdie2011-12-051-2/+3
* libsdl: enable alsa based on PACKAGECONFIG and respect DISTRO_FEATURESMartin Jansa2011-11-291-2/+5
* libsdl: replace tabs with spacesMartin Jansa2011-11-291-3/+3
* libsdl: enable cdrom, alsa and tslib, disable rpath and add few fixes from me...Martin Jansa2011-11-291-6/+12
* libsdl: rename files dir to libsdl-1.2.14 for faster lookupMartin Jansa2011-11-291-0/+0
* libsdl: drop unused filesMartin Jansa2011-11-292-90/+0
* libsdl: update to 1.2.14Kang Kai2011-10-204-363/+139
* libsdl: do not inherit nativesdkJiajun Xu2011-08-241-2/+2
* recipes: Delete patch=1, its default and replace pnum with striplevelKhem Raj2011-08-241-2/+2
* libsdl: enable opengl for libsdlJiajun Xu2011-08-151-3/+4
* libsdl: add target versionJiajun Xu2011-08-151-5/+15
* upstream status: add for libsdl and xserver patchesYu Ke2011-07-263-0/+6
* libsdl: add SRC_URI ChecksumsSaul Wold2011-04-281-0/+3
* libsdl: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUMRichard Purdie2010-12-251-1/+3
* packages: Separate out most of the remaining packages into recipesRichard Purdie2010-09-016-0/+1486