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@@ -0,0 +1,79 @@
1do_compile_append () {
2 # now generate script to drive testing
3 echo "#!/usr/bin/env sh" >${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
4 set >> ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
5 # prune out the unneeded vars
6 sed -i -e "/^BASH/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
7 sed -i -e "/^USER/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
8 sed -i -e "/^OPT/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
9 sed -i -e "/^DIRSTACK/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
10 sed -i -e "/^EUID/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
11 sed -i -e "/^FUNCNAME/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
12 sed -i -e "/^GROUPS/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
13 sed -i -e "/^HOST/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
14 sed -i -e "/^HOME/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
15 sed -i -e "/^IFS/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
16 sed -i -e "/^LC_ALL/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
17 sed -i -e "/^LOGNAME/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
18 sed -i -e "/^MACHTYPE/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
19 sed -i -e "/^OSTYPE/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
20 sed -i -e "/^PIPE/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
21 sed -i -e "/^SHELL/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
22 sed -i -e "/^'/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
23 sed -i -e "/^UID/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
24 sed -i -e "/^TERM/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
25 sed -i -e "/^PATCH_GET/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
26 sed -i -e "/^PKG_/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
27 sed -i -e "/^POSIXLY_/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
28 sed -i -e "/^PPID/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
29 sed -i -e "/^PS4/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
30 sed -i -e "/^Q/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
31 sed -i -e "/^SHLVL/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
32 sed -i -e "/^STAGING/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
33 sed -i -e "/^LD_LIBRARY_PATH/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
34 sed -i -e "/^PSEUDO/d" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
36 # point to real sysroot not the toolchain bootstrap sysroot
37 sed -i -e "s/\-tcbootstrap//g" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
39 # use the final cross-gcc to test since some tests need libstdc++
40 sed -i -e "s/^PATH=.*\.gcc-cross-initial\:/PATH=/g" ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc
42 # append execution part script
43cat >> ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc << STOP
45if [ "x\$target" = "x" ]
47 echo "Please specify the target machine and remote user in form of user@target"
48 exit 1;
50ssh \$target ls \$PWD\ 2>&1 > /dev/null
51if [ "x\$?" != "x0" ]
53 echo "Failed connecting to \$target it could be because of:"
54 echo "1. You dont have passwordless ssh setup to access \$target"
55 echo "2. NFS share on \$target is not mounted or if mounted then not matching the build tree layout."
56 echo " The tree should be accessible at same location on build host and target"
57 echo " You can add nfs-server to IMAGE_FEATURES to get the nfs client on target"
58 echo "3. nfs server on build host is not running."
59 echo " Please make sure that you have 'no_root_squash' added in /etc/exports if you want"
60 echo " to test as root user on target (usually its recommended to create a non"
61 echo " root user."
62 echo " As a sanity check make sure that target can read/write to the eglibc build tree"
63 echo " Please refer to ${S}/EGLIBC.cross-testing for further instructions on setup"
64 exit 1
66 echo "# we test using cross compiler from real sysroot therefore override the" > ${B}/configparms
67 echo "# definitions that come from ${B}/config.make" >> ${B}/configparms
69 fgrep tcbootstrap ${B}/config.make > ${B}/configparms
70 sed -i -e "s/\-tcbootstrap//g" ${B}/configparms
71wrapper="${S}/scripts/ \$target"
72localedef="${STAGING_BINDIR_NATIVE}/cross-localedef --little-endian --uint32-align=4"
73make tests-clean
74make cross-localedef="\$localedef" cross-test-wrapper="\$wrapper" -k check
75rm -rf ${B}/configparms
78 chmod +x ${B}/${HOST_PREFIX}testeglibc