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core-image-tiny: Provide a new image recipe for poky-tiny that boots from RAM
This new image recipe creates an image from the artifacts obtained after building core-image-tiny-initramfs, it boots directly to a tiny rootfs provided by initrd Signed-off-by: Alejandro Hernandez <>
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1# short-description: Create an EFI disk image with systemd-boot and corei7-64/core2-32
2# long-description: Creates a partitioned EFI disk image that the user
3# can directly dd to boot media. The selected bootloader is systemd-boot.
4# This disk image is meant to be used by corei7-64/core2-32 and core-image-tiny-initramfs
6part /boot --source bootimg-efi --sourceparams="loader=systemd-boot,initrd=core-image-tiny-initramfs-${MACHINE}.cpio.gz" --ondisk sda --label msdos --active --align 1024
8bootloader --ptable gpt --timeout=5 --append="init=/bin/busybox sh init console=ttyS0,115200 console=tty0 rw LABEL=boot debugshell=5"
10# Some devices require different console parameters, the console parameter can be given repeatedly, input is taken
11# only from the last listed console, for example on the Minnowboard MAX, the previously listed setting would show
12# a login prompt on its video output and not on the serial terminal.
14# See