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linux-yocto-dev: Specify SRC_REVs for intel-core* machines
The automatic SRCREV AUTOREV anonymous python in will only trigger on the PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel being linux-yocto-dev if it is set in local.conf, or a similar file parsed prior to itself. Since these two machines currently specify linux-yocto-dev in the machine configuration, the AUTOREV doesn't trigger - and we do not want AUTOREV specified in the recipe itself to avoid breakage in the event of no network access. This is a bizarre little corner case as machines typically do not specify linux-yocto-dev. For the time being, fix the do_fetch failure by specifying SRCREVs for the two intel-core* machines. Users who want AUTOREV can specify THAT in their local.conf. This way it doesn't break out of the box. Signed-off-by: Darren Hart <>
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