BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
addufeatures/ip_Vs: Add IP VIrtual Serverl support as moduleAdrian Dudau9 months
altera-4.9Modify CVE-2018-5390, CVE-2018-10876 and CVE-2018-10879Andreas Wellving8 weeks
cavium-4.9Add support for ISO FSAdrian Calianu10 months
intel-4.14Enable Qualcomm and Sierra serial driversAdrian Calianu7 weeks
intel-4.9CVE-2018-9363 update hunk from size that was incorrectAndreas Wellving8 weeks
qoriq-4.1net: CVE-2017-17712Andreas Wellving7 weeks
raspberrypi-4.9Added mdt tests as loadable moduleDragos Motrea10 months
ti-4.9mm: CVE-2018-17182Andreas Wellving7 weeks
yocto-4.8Virtual Function I/O configsAdrian Calianu23 months
yocto-4.9linux-yocto: Remove ClearLinux patch causing ixgbevf issueGabriel Ionescu18 months
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2016-12-15add README fileHEADmasterAdrian Calianu1-0/+0