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* bitbake-prserv-tool: show error when export file does not existMartin Jansa2013-02-061-1/+9
| | | | | | | | | * otherwise it shows error about failing import (From OE-Core rev: 65b2f068719f4cd6e1bd438e8714c2977bd93535) Signed-off-by: Martin Jansa <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
* prserv: add LOCALCOUNT to AUTOINCs migration feature1.4_M3.rc1Constantin Musca2013-01-221-0/+32
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | - use migrate_localcount.bbclass to generate AUTOINC entries which are exported to LOCALCOUNT_DUMPFILE - import the generated AUTOINC entries - one can migrate LOCALCOUNT to AUTOINC by executing: bitbake-prserv-tool migrate_localcount [YOCTO #3071] (From OE-Core rev: ffab86f13cafb10d8d6273b6af8cd9a3c84eae20) Signed-off-by: Constantin Musca <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
* scripts/prserv-tool: Adepted to new bitbake cache.Lianhao Lu2012-02-281-11/+17
| | | | | | | | | | Adepted to the new bitbake cache mechanism which is based on file content but not on file timp stamps any more. (From OE-Core rev: c1705317f9456f761da2094e886a07939291e53a) Signed-off-by: Lianhao Lu <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
* meta/PRService: Added export/import fuctions.Lianhao Lu2012-01-111-0/+57
[YOCTO #1556] - Modified meta/class/package.bbclass and prserv.bbclass according to the change in PR service by adding PACKAGE_ARCH into the query tuple. - Added prexport.bbclass, primport.bbclass to export/import AUTOPR values from/to PRService. - Move PR service related common code to lib/oe/ - Supported reading the AUTOPR values from the exported .inc file instead of reading it from remote PR service. - Created a new script bitbake-prserv-tool to export/import the AUTOPR values from/to the PR service. Typical usage scenario of the export/import is: 1. bitbake-prserv-tool export <file> to export the AUTOPR values from the current PR service into an exported .inc file. 2. Others may use that exported .inc file(to be included in the local.conf) to lockdown and reproduce the same AUTOPR when generating package feeds. 3. Others may "bitbake-prserv-tool import <file>" to import the AUTOPR values into their own PR service and the AUTOPR values will be incremented from there. (From OE-Core rev: 9979107d8eaf503efd921564385859b1e83dbb3c) Signed-off-by: Lianhao Lu <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>