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* xvideo-tests: removeRoss Burton2019-02-121-18/+0
* oe-core: take UPSTREAM_CHECK_COMMITS into use where possibleAlexander Kanavin2017-11-301-1/+1
* selftest: fix to use per-recipe UPSTREAM_VERSION_UNKNOWN settingAlexander Kanavin2017-08-151-0/+1
* xvideo-tests: move to the latest releaseMaxin B. John2015-12-081-1/+1
* recipes-graphics: add x11 to REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURESRobert Yang2015-05-141-1/+4
* Replace one-line DESCRIPTION with SUMMARYPaul Eggleton2014-01-021-1/+1
* recipes: Remove PR = r0 from all recipesRichard Purdie2013-10-301-1/+0
* remove the unnecessary protocol parametersJackie Huang2013-08-301-1/+1
* o-hand recipes: convert from to git.yoctoproject.orgSaul Wold2011-09-021-0/+15