path: root/meta/classes/packagedata.bbclass
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* packagedata: Fix after override syntax changeRichard Purdie2021-08-061-1/+1
* Convert to new override syntaxRichard Purdie2021-08-021-1/+1
* meta: remove True option to getVar callsJoshua Lock2016-12-161-5/+5
* packagedata: Fix to ensure variables expand correctlyRichard Purdie2015-06-161-1/+9
* packagedata: Show error when trying to change PE/PV/PR from runtime/pkgdataRichard Purdie2013-06-281-5/+13
* packagedata: Add error message if multiple recipes try to write the same packageRichard Purdie2013-01-241-1/+6
* Convert tab indentation in python functions into four-spaceRichard Purdie2012-07-191-8/+8
* meta: Convert getVar/getVarFlag(xxx, 1) -> (xxx, True)Richard Purdie2012-03-051-2/+2
* Convert to use direct access to the data store (instead of*Var*())Richard Purdie2011-11-101-4/+4
* Move packagedata code into oe.packagedata (sync from OE)Chris Larson2011-05-201-64/+4
* classes: Remove and sanitise import statementsRichard Purdie2009-11-131-9/+0
* base.bbclass: Move package metadata handling functions into their own class fileRichard Purdie2009-02-051-0/+82