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* netbase: update 4.46 -> 4.47Richard Purdie2011-11-212-0/+0
* netbase.bbappend: Change to version 4.46 due to the upgradeDongxiao Xu2011-11-012-0/+0
* meta-yocto: use FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := in all bbappendsPaul Eggleton2011-06-152-6/+2
* uclibc: rename bbappend in meta-yocto to match version in oe-corePaul Eggleton2011-05-251-0/+0
* netbase: automatically bring up usb0 on BeagleBoard xMPaul Eggleton2011-05-052-0/+30
* meta-yocto: add pieces removed from oe-core for beagleboard & atom-pcPaul Eggleton2011-05-053-0/+74