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5<chapter id='kernel-dev-intro'> 5<chapter id='kernel-dev-intro'>
6<title>Introduction</title> 6<title>Introduction</title>
7 7
9 <emphasis>AR - Darrren Hart:</emphasis> See if the concepts in these
10 three bullets are adequately covered in somewhere in this manual:
11 <itemizedlist>
12 <listitem><para>Do we convey that our kernel Git repositories
13 have a clear and continuous history, similar to the way the
14 kernel Git repositories for <filename></filename>
15 do.
16 </para></listitem>
17 <listitem><para>Does the manual note that Yocto Project delivers
18 a key set of supported kernel types, where
19 each type is tailored to meet a specific use (e.g. networking,
20 consumer, devices, and so forth).</para></listitem>
21 <listitem><para>Do we convey that the Yocto Project uses a
22 Git branching strategy that, from a
23 developer's point of view, results in a linear path from the
24 baseline, through a select group of features and
25 ends with their BSP-specific commits.</para></listitem>
26 </itemizedlist>
8 <section id='kernel-dev-overview'> 29 <section id='kernel-dev-overview'>
9 <title>Overview</title> 30 <title>Overview</title>
10 31