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openjade-native: Ensure we reautoconf the package
Currently since in is in a subdirectory, we don't reautoconf the recipe. We really need to do this, to update things like the libtool script used and fix various issues such as those that could creep in if a reautoconf is triggered for some reason. Since this source only calls AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE to gain the PACKAGE and VERSION definitions and that macro now errors if doesn't exist, we need to add these definitions manually. These changes avoid failures like: ---- | ... | DssslApp.cxx:117:36: error: 'PACKAGE' was not declared in this scope | DssslApp.cxx:118:36: error: 'VERSION' was not declared in this scope | make[2]: *** [DssslApp.lo] Error 1 ---- (From OE-Core rev: 87753615435c8aec7df5964045e24f13877cd7cc) Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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