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1# this file holds documentation for known keys, possible values and
2# their meaning. Please update, correct and extend this documentation.
3# Mail your changes to
5# conf/bitbake.conf
6PREFERRED_VERSION[doc] = 'Normally use it as PREFERRED_VERSION_package-name = "" to set the preferred \
7version of more than one version for the package-name is available.'
9BUILD_ARCH[doc] = "The name of the building architecture. E.g. i686."
10BUILD_OS[doc] = "The operating system (in lower case) of the building architecture. E.g \
13BUILD_SYS[doc] = "FIXME"
17HOST_ARCH[doc] = "The name of the target architecture. Normally same as the TARGET_ARCH. @see TARGET_ARCH @group base"
18HOST_OS[doc] = "The name of the target operating system. Normally the same as the TARGET_OS. \
19@see TARGET_OS @group base"
20HOST_VENDOR[doc] = "The name of the vendor. Normally same as the TARGET_VENDOR. @see TARGET_VENDOR"
21HOST_SYS[doc] = "FIXME"
22HOST_PREFIX[doc] = "Normally same as the TARGET_PREFIX. @see TARGET_PREFIX @group base"
23HOST_CC_ARCH[doc] = "Normally same as the TARGET_CC_ARCH. @see TARGET_CC_ARCH @group base"
24HOST_NONSYSV[doc] = 'This flag can be set to "1" if the host system is not SysV compatible. E.g.\
25fakeroot-native will be build with tcp as IPC implementation.'
27TARGET_ARCH[doc] = "Build for which architecture. Examples are arm, i686, sh3, mips, powerpc."
28TARGET_OS[doc] = 'Build for which Operating System. Currently possible values are \
29linux and linux-uclibc. When using linux-uclibc you might want to set USE_NLS_gcc-cross to "no".'
31TARGET_SYS[doc] = "The target system is composed out of TARGET_ARCH,TARGET_VENDOR and TARGET_OS."
32TARGET_PREFIX[doc] = "The prefix for the cross compile toolchain. E.g arm-linux- ."
34TARGET_FPU[doc] = "Floating point option (mostly for FPU-less systems), can be 'soft' or empty \
35for hardware floating point instructions."
37PACKAGE_ARCH[doc] = 'The architecture needed for using a resulting package. If you have \
38machine dependant configuration options in your bitbake file add a \
39PACKAGE_ARCH = "${MACHINE_ARCH}" to the file.'
41IPKG_ARCHS[doc] = 'A list of architectures compatible with the given target in order of priority'
42IPKG_EXTRA_ARCHS[doc] = 'Set this variable to add extra architectures to the list of supported architectures'
44DATE[doc] = "The date the build was started Ymd"
45TIME[doc] = "The time the build was started HMS"
46DATETIME[doc] = "The date and time the build was started at"
48PN[doc] = "PN holds the name of the package (Package Name). It is gathered from the bitbake-file filename"
49PV[doc] = "PV holds the version of the package (Package Version). The default value is 1.0, it is \
50retrieved from the bitbake-file filename but can be changed."
51PR[doc] = "PR is the revision of the package (Package Revision). By default it is set to r0."
52PF[doc] = "Package name - Package version - Package revision (PN-PV-PR)"
53P[doc] = "Package name - Package version (PN-PF)"
54S[doc] = "Directory that holds the sources to build, WORKDIR/PN-PV by default. The 'make' or equivalent command is run from this directory."
55SECTION[doc] = "Section of the packages e.g. console/networking"
56PRIORITY[doc] = "Importance of package, default values are 'optional' or 'needed'."
57DESCRIPTION[doc] = "A small description of the package."
58LICENSE[doc] = "The license of the resulting package e.g. GPL"
59AUTHOR[doc] = "The author of the files installed."
60MAINTAINER[doc] = "Maintainer of the .bb file and the resulting package."
61HOMEPAGE[doc] = "Homepage of the package e.g."
64# dependencies
65GROUP_dependencies[doc] = "The keys in this group influence the dependency handling of BitBake \
66and the resulting packages."
67DEPENDS[doc] = "Build time dependencies, things needed to build the package. @group dependencies"
68RDEPENDS[doc] = "Run time dependencies, things needed for a given package to run. This is used to populate the ipkg:Depends field. @group dependencies"
69PROVIDES[doc] = "Names for additional build time dependencies that this package will provide. @group dependencies"
70RPROVIDES[doc] = "Names for additional run time dependencies that this package will provide. This is used to populate the ipkg:Provides field. @group dependencies"
73# packaging
74GROUP_packaging[doc] = "The keys in this group influence the package building process. They influence \
75which packages will be generated and which files will be present in the generated packages."
76PACKAGES[doc] = "Names of packages to be generated. @group packaging"
77FILES[doc] = "Files/Directories belonging to the package. @group packaging"
81TMPDIR[doc] = "The temporary directory of openembedded holding work-, deploy, staging- and other directories."
82CACHE[doc] = "The directory holding the cache of the metadata."
84GROUP_fetcher[doc] = "The key highly influence the fetcher implementations."
85DL_DIR[doc] = "The directory where tarballs will be stored. @group fetcher"
86CVSDIR[doc] = "The directory where cvs checkouts will be stored in. @group fetcher"
87GITDIR[doc] = "The directory where git clones will be stored. @group fetcher"
89STAMP[doc] = "The directory that holds files to keep track of what was built."
90WORKDIR[doc] = "The directory where a concrete package will be unpacked and built."
91T[doc] = "Temporary directory within the WORKDIR."
93GROUP_locale[doc] = "Locale generation of the GNU libc implementation"
94ENABLE_BINARY_LOCALE_GENERATION[doc] = "Enable the use of qemu to generate locale information during build time on the host instead of runtime on the target. If you have trouble with qemu-native you should make this an empty var. @group locale"
96PCMCIA_MANAGER[doc] = "Specify which package(s) to install to handle PCMCIA slots (usually pcmcia-cs or pcmciautils)."
98SYSVINIT_ENABLED_GETTYS[doc] = "Specify which VTs should be running a getty, the default is 1"
100# palmtop build class
101PALMTOP_USE_MULTITHREADED_QT[doc] = "Set to yes, if you want to build qt apps with CONFIG+=thread"
103COMPATIBLE_HOST[doc] = "A regular expression which matches the HOST_SYS names supported by the package/file. Failure to match will cause the file to be skipped by the parser."
104COMPATIBLE_MACHINE[doc] = "A regular expression which matches the MACHINES support by the package/file. Failure to match will cause the file to be skipped by the parser."