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Correct js jsautocfg.h and install jsproto.tbl
I'm adding mediatomb packages and ran into a couple build issues with js. The first complained that jsapi.h wasn't found/usable. This turned out to be because jsautocfg.h was including "../conf.h" instead of "conf.h" as they are installed in the same directory in the sysroot. I believe the correct fix for this would involve the script which is used to generate the jsautocfg.h header file we store in the recipe. Commit f25d26de776f9927e1d2c92f031085a9b9323087 (js: fix configure) added conf.h, Qing can you comment here? The second failure is due to jsproto.tbl not being installed but being referenced by another header file. This patch corrects the jsautocfg.h header directly and adds the jsproto.tbl to the do_install() recipe function. Signed-off-by: Darren Hart <> CC: Qing He <>
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