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profile-manual: Updates to LTTng section setup
With dylan, the two patches are no longer required. However, the information to view traces still holds true regarding using Eclipse's Juno. Updated appropriately. (From yocto-docs rev: 90845677a37562b465bbd2bc849f773a2f54d92e) Signed-off-by: Scott Rifenbark <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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2889 <section id='lttng-setup'> 2889 <section id='lttng-setup'>
2890 <title>Setup</title> 2890 <title>Setup</title>
2891 2891
2892 <para>
2893 For this section, we'll assume you've already performed the
2894 basic setup outlined in the General Setup section.
2895 </para>
2897 <para>
2898 LTTng is run on the target system by ssh'ing to it.
2899 However, if you want to see the traces graphically,
2900 install Eclipse as described in section
2901 "<link linkend='manually-copying-a-trace-to-the-host-and-viewing-it-in-eclipse'>Manually copying a trace to the host and viewing it in Eclipse (i.e. using Eclipse without network support)</link>"
2902 and follow the directions to manually copy traces to the host and
2903 view them in Eclipse (i.e. using Eclipse without network support).
2904 </para>
2892 <note> 2906 <note>
2893 The lttng support in Yocto 1.3 (danny) needs the following poky 2907 Be sure to download and install/run the 'SR1' or later Juno release
2894 commits applied in order to work:
2895 <itemizedlist>
2896 <listitem><para><ulink url=';id=ea602300d9211669df0acc5c346e4486d6bf6f67'>;id=ea602300d9211669df0acc5c346e4486d6bf6f67</ulink>
2897 </para></listitem>
2898 <listitem><para><ulink url=';id=1d0dc88e1635cfc24612a3e97d0391facdc2c65f'>;id=1d0dc88e1635cfc24612a3e97d0391facdc2c65f</ulink>
2899 </para></listitem>
2900 </itemizedlist>
2901 If you also want to view the LTTng traces graphically, you also
2902 need to download and install/run the 'SR1' or later Juno release
2903 of eclipse e.g.: 2908 of eclipse e.g.:
2904 <ulink url=''></ulink> 2909 <ulink url=''></ulink>
2905 </note> 2910 </note>