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profile-manual: Updated sysprof basic usage section
There was a danny-specific note here that did not apply to the section any longer. I have removed it per Tom Zanussi's suggestion. (From yocto-docs rev: 2a3ccab263cfaa779a5182e6a4a7e534db253700) Signed-off-by: Scott Rifenbark <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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2850 option that you can experiment with; one of the options is 2850 option that you can experiment with; one of the options is
2851 'caller' for an inverted caller-based callgraph display. 2851 'caller' for an inverted caller-based callgraph display.
2852 </informalexample> 2852 </informalexample>
2854 <informalexample>
2855 <emphasis>Tying it Together:</emphasis> sysprof does have build options to enable
2856 use of the perf_event subsystem and benefit from the perf_event
2857 infrastructure by adding support for something other than
2858 system-wide profiling i.e. per-process or workload profiling,
2859 but the version in danny doesn't yet take advantage of those
2860 capabilities (sysprof officially added the ability.
2861 to make use of perf_events just as we were going to press).
2862 </informalexample>
2863 </section> 2853 </section>
2864 2854
2865 <section id='sysprof-documentation'> 2855 <section id='sysprof-documentation'>