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adt-manual: Restructured opening organization.
The start of this manual was odd. I created a new "Introduction" chapter and inserted it into the build file (adt-manual.xml). This new chapter introduces the manual. That left the remainder of the original first chapter to be able to focus on what it really needed to talk about and that is the ADT. It is a better organization. (From yocto-docs rev: 9d489abad9ccd4c0893d7496282f0843d4154942) Signed-off-by: Scott Rifenbark <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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5<chapter id='adt-manual-intro'>
8 <para>
9 Welcome to the Yocto Project Application Developer's Guide.
10 This manual provides information that lets you begin developing applications
11 using the Yocto Project.
12 </para>
14 <para>
15 The Yocto Project provides an application development environment based on
16 an Application Development Toolkit (ADT) and the availability of stand-alone
17 cross-development toolchains and other tools.
18 This manual describes the ADT and how you can configure and install it,
19 how to access and use the cross-development toolchains, how to
20 customize the development packages installation,
21 how to use command line development for both Autotools-based and Makefile-based projects,
22 and an introduction to the <trademark class='trade'>Eclipse</trademark> IDE
23 Yocto Plug-in.
24 <note>
25 The ADT is distribution-neutral and does not require the Yocto
26 Project reference distribution, which is called Poky.
27 This manual, however, uses examples that use the Poky distribution.
28 </note>
29 </para>
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