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documentation/README: Updates to explain development
I added information that describes the relationship between poky/documentation and yocto-docs/documentation. For developers, they need to know to work from the yocto-docs Git repository and not to rely on the poky/documentation Git repository, which can lag behind the other one. (From yocto-docs rev: 0cbc781d3e9544c9920fdaf4548d882dd79b3d6c) Signed-off-by: Scott Rifenbark <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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1documentation 1documentation
2============= 2=============
3 3
4This is the location for the Yocto Project documentation. Documentation 4This is the directory that contains the Yocto Project documentation. The Yocto
5consists of six manuals (see below). 5Project source repositories at have two
6instances of the "documentation" directory. You should understand each of
7these instances.
9 poky/documentation - The directory within the poky Git repository containing
10 the set of Yocto Project manuals. When you clone the
11 poky Git repository, the documentation directory
12 contains the manuals. The state of the manuals in this
13 directory is guaranteed to reflect the latest Yocto
14 Project release. The manuals at the tip of this
15 directory will also likely contain most manual
16 development changes.
18 yocto-docs/documentation - The Git repository for the Yocto Project manuals.
19 This repository is where manual development
20 occurs. If you plan on contributing back to the
21 Yocto Project documentation, you should set up
22 a local Git repository based on this upstream
23 repository as follows:
25 git clone git://
27 Changes and patches are first pushed to the
28 yocto-docs Git repository. Later, they make it
29 into the poky Git repository found at
30 git://
6 31
7Manual Organization 32Manual Organization
8=================== 33===================