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documentation/poky-ref-manual/ref-variables.xml: SRC_URI glossary updated
Fixes [YOCTO_#1939] Expanded the definition for the SRC_URI variable in the glossary. The new information includes protocol types and SRC_URI options. (From yocto-docs rev: 033d58cd2ec2a579fa085bcca1e5d0ad4dd65708) Signed-off-by: Scott Rifenbark <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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1826 1826
1827 <glossentry id='var-SRC_URI'><glossterm>SRC_URI</glossterm> 1827 <glossentry id='var-SRC_URI'><glossterm>SRC_URI</glossterm>
1828 <glossdef> 1828 <glossdef>
1829 <para>The list of source files - local or remote.</para> 1829 <para>The list of source files - local or remote.
1830 This variable tells the OpenEmbedded build system which bits to pull
1831 in for the build and how to pull them in.
1832 For example, if the recipe only needs to fetch a tarball from the
1833 internet, the recipe uses a single <filename>SRC_URI</filename> entry.
1834 On the other hand, if the recipe needs to fetch a tarball, apply
1835 two patches, and include a custom file, the recipe would include four
1836 instances of the variable.</para>
1837 <para>The following list explains the available URI protocols:
1838 <itemizedlist>
1839 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>file://</filename> -</emphasis> Fetches files, which is usually
1840 a file shipped with the metadata, from the local machine.
1841 The path is relative to the
1842 <link linkend='var-FILESPATH'><filename>FILESPATH</filename></link>
1843 variable.
1844 Thus, the build system searches, in order, from the following directories,
1845 which are assumed to be a subdirectories of the directory in which the
1846 recipe file resides:
1847 <itemizedlist>
1848 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>${PN}</filename> -</emphasis> The package name
1849 with any special suffix (i.e. <filename>bash-native</filename>,
1850 <filename>bash</filename>).
1851 <note>The package name (<filename>PN</filename>) includes the special suffix
1852 <filename>-native</filename> for native recipes,
1853 <filename>-cross</filename> for cross recipes, a Multilib suffix
1854 for Multilib recipes, and so forth).</note></para></listitem>
1855 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>${PF}</filename> - </emphasis>
1856 <filename>${PN}-${EXTENDPE}${PV}-${PR}</filename>.
1857 The package name including all version and revision numbers
1858 (i.e. <filename>eglibc-2.13-r20+svnr15508/</filename> and
1859 <filename>bash-4.2-r1/</filename>).</para></listitem>
1860 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>${P}</filename> -</emphasis>
1861 <filename>${PN}-${PV}</filename>.
1862 The package name and version (i.e. <filename>bash-4.2</filename>).
1863 </para></listitem>
1864 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>${BPN}</filename> -</emphasis> The
1865 base package name without any special suffix or version numbers.
1866 </para></listitem>
1867 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>${BP}</filename> -</emphasis>
1868 <filename>${BPN}-${PV}</filename>.
1869 The base package name and version but without any special
1870 package name suffix.</para></listitem>
1871 <listitem><para><emphasis>Files -</emphasis> Files beneath the directory in which the recipe
1872 resides.</para></listitem>
1873 <listitem><para><emphasis>Directory -</emphasis> The directory itself in which the recipe
1874 resides.</para></listitem>
1875 </itemizedlist></para></listitem>
1876 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>bzr://</filename> -</emphasis> Fetches files from a
1877 Bazaar revision control repository.</para></listitem>
1878 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>git://</filename> -</emphasis> Fetches files from a
1879 Git revision control repository.</para></listitem>
1880 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>osc://</filename> -</emphasis> Fetches files from
1881 an OSC (OpenSuse Build service) revision control repository.</para></listitem>
1882 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>repo://</filename> -</emphasis> Fetches files from
1883 a repo (Git) repository.</para></listitem>
1884 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>svk://</filename> -</emphasis> Fetches files from
1885 an SVK revision control repository.</para></listitem>
1886 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>http://</filename> -</emphasis> Fetches files from
1887 the Internet using <filename>http</filename>.</para></listitem>
1888 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>https://</filename> -</emphasis> Fetches files
1889 from the Internet using <filename>https</filename>.</para></listitem>
1890 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>ftp://</filename> -</emphasis> Fetches files
1891 from the Internet using <filename>ftp</filename>.</para></listitem>
1892 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>cvs://</filename> -</emphasis> Fetches files from
1893 a CVS revision control repository.</para></listitem>
1894 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>hg://</filename> -</emphasis> Fetches files from
1895 a Mercurial (<filename>hg</filename>) revision control repository.</para></listitem>
1896 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>p4://</filename> -</emphasis> Fetches files from
1897 a Perforce (<filename>p4</filename>) revision control repository.</para></listitem>
1898 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>ssh://</filename> -</emphasis> Fetches files from
1899 a secure shell.</para></listitem>
1900 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>svn://</filename> -</emphasis> Fetches files from
1901 a Subversion (<filename>svn</filename>) revision control repository.</para></listitem>
1902 </itemizedlist>
1903 </para>
1904 <para>Standard and recipe-specific options for <filename>SRC_URI</filename> exist.
1905 Here are standard options:
1906 <itemizedlist>
1907 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>apply</filename> -</emphasis> Whether to apply
1908 the patch or not.
1909 The default action is to apply the patch.</para></listitem>
1910 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>striplevel</filename> -</emphasis> Which
1911 striplevel to use when applying the patch.
1912 The default level is 1.</para></listitem>
1913 </itemizedlist>
1914 </para>
1915 <para>Here are options specific to recipes building code from a revision control system:
1916 <itemizedlist>
1917 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>mindate</filename> -</emphasis> Only applies
1918 the patch if <link linkend='var-SRCDATE'><filename>SRCDATE</filename></link>
1919 is equal to or greater than <filename>mindate</filename>.</para></listitem>
1920 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>maxdate</filename> -</emphasis> Only applies
1921 the patch if <link linkend='var-SRCDATE'><filename>SRCDATE</filename></link>
1922 is not later than <filename>mindate</filename>.</para></listitem>
1923 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>minrev</filename> -</emphasis> Only applies
1924 the patch if <link linkend='var-SRCREV'><filename>SRCREV</filename></link>
1925 is equal to or greater than <filename>minrev</filename>.</para></listitem>
1926 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>maxrev</filename> -</emphasis> Only applies
1927 the patch if <link linkend='var-SRCREV'><filename>SRCREV</filename></link>
1928 is not later than <filename>maxrev</filename>.</para></listitem>
1929 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>rev</filename> -</emphasis> Only applies the
1930 patch if <link linkend='var-SRCREV'><filename>SRCREV</filename></link>
1931 is equal to <filename>rev</filename>.</para></listitem>
1932 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>notrev</filename> -</emphasis> Only applies
1933 the patch if <link linkend='var-SRCREV'><filename>SRCREV</filename></link>
1934 is not equal to <filename>rev</filename>.</para></listitem>
1935 </itemizedlist>
1936 </para>
1937 <para>Here are some additional options worth mentioning:
1938 <itemizedlist>
1939 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>unpack</filename> -</emphasis> Controls
1940 whether or not to unpack the file if it is an archive.
1941 The default action is to upack the file.</para></listitem>
1942 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>subdir</filename> -</emphasis> Places the file
1943 (or extracts its contents) into the specified
1944 subdirectory of <link linkend='var-WORKDIR'><filename>WORKDIR</filename></link>.
1945 This option is useful for unusual tarballs or other archives that
1946 don't have their files already in a subdirectory within the archive.
1947 </para></listitem>
1948 <listitem><para><emphasis><filename>name</filename> -</emphasis> Specifies a
1949 name to be used for association with <filename>SRC_URI</filename> checksums
1950 when you have more than one file specified in <filename>SRC_URI</filename>.
1951 </para></listitem>
1952 </itemizedlist>
1953 </para>
1830 </glossdef> 1954 </glossdef>
1831 </glossentry> 1955 </glossentry>
1832 1956