BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dunfellselftest: skip virgl test on ubuntu 22.10, fedora 37, and all rockySteve Sakoman5 days Move version information to poky.yaml and read in conf.pyRichard Purdie13 months Move version information to poky.yaml and read in conf.pyRichard Purdie13 months
honisteryocto-bsps: update to v5.10.113Bruce Ashfield12 months
kirkstonebuild-appliance-image: Update to kirkstone head revisionSteve Sakoman3 weeks
langdalebuild-appliance-image: Update to langdale head revisionSteve Sakoman5 weeks
masterselftest: respect IMAGE_LINK_NAMEMartin Jansa16 hours
master-nextinsane.bbclass: enable 32 bit time API check (as a warning) on affected archi...Alexander Kanavin16 hours
mickledorebuild-appliance-image: Update to mickledore head revisionSteve Sakoman11 days
mickledore-nextlinux-yocto/5.15: update to v5.15.108Bruce Ashfield5 weeks
yocto-4.2.1yocto-4.2.1.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee25 hours
mickledore-4.2.1mickledore-4.2.1.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee25 hours
yocto-4.0.10yocto-4.0.10.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee6 days
kirkstone-4.0.10kirkstone-4.0.10.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee6 days
yocto-4.1.4yocto-4.1.4.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee3 weeks
langdale-4.1.4langdale-4.1.4.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee3 weeks
yocto-3.1.25yocto-3.1.25.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee3 weeks
dunfell-23.0.25dunfell-23.0.25.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee3 weeks
mickledore-4.2mickledore-4.2.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee4 weeks
yocto-4.2yocto-4.2.tar.gz  Chee Yang Lee4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2008-03-28db: fix SRC_URIclydeMarcin Juszkiewicz3-3/+3
2007-01-19Branch for clydeRichard Purdie0-0/+0
2007-01-19qemu: Update qemu-packaging source date for X patch fixesRichard Purdie1-2/+2
2007-01-18Fix regexp to work with qemux86Ross Burton1-1/+1
2007-01-18prelink: Fix EABI segfaultsRichard Purdie2-24/+28
2007-01-17README: Add note about bochsbiosRichard Purdie1-0/+1
2007-01-17Remove newlines in echosRoss Burton2-8/+8
2007-01-17Fix machine guessing sedRoss Burton1-1/+1
2007-01-17Add patch that fixes a bug in oparchive that resulted in the the debug dataRobert Bradford2-0/+25
2007-01-17Remove bashismRoss Burton2-4/+2