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* Convert to new override syntaxAnuj Mittal2021-07-312-4/+4
* onevpl: Fix sample_multi_transcode join issueYew, Chang Ching2021-07-292-0/+38
* onevpl-intel-gpu: upgrade 21.2.2 -> 21.3.0Yew, Chang Ching2021-07-271-1/+1
* onevpl: Add X11 DRI3 supportYew, Chang Ching2021-07-062-0/+40
* oneVPL-intel-gpu: upgrade to 21.2.2Yew, Chang Ching2021-07-032-45/+3
* onevpl: upgrade 2021.2.2 -> 2021.4.0Yew, Chang Ching2021-07-0311-14178/+171
* onevpl: Fix wayland lib installYew, Chang Ching2021-06-222-2/+61
* onevpl: Fixes for legacy samplesYew, Chang Ching2021-06-164-0/+197
* onevpl-intel-gpu: Backport new ADL-P device IDsYew, Chang Ching2021-06-112-1/+45
* onevpl: Add sample_multi_transcode applicationYew, Chang Ching2021-06-094-0/+13794
* onevpl: Add Wayland support to legacy toolsjinchung2021-06-012-0/+1302
* onevpl: Add X11 support to legacy toolsYew, Chang Ching2021-05-252-0/+51
* onevpl-intel-gpu: Add recipeYew, Chang Ching2021-05-071-0/+23
* onevpl: add recipeNaveen Saini2021-05-072-0/+106