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* linux-intel: remove 4.9 kernel and related bbapendsNaveen Saini2019-03-071-20/+0
* linux-intel/4.9: update to v4.9.146Naveen Saini2018-12-281-2/+2
* linux-intel/4.19: add recipeAnuj Mittal2018-12-051-0/+4
* linux-intel/4.9: update to v4.9.134Anuj Mittal2018-10-301-2/+2
* linux-intel/4.9: update to 4.9.126Anuj Mittal2018-09-201-3/+3
* linux-intel/4.9: update meta SRCREVAnuj Mittal2018-09-041-1/+1
* linux-intel/4.9: use new/correct revision for 4.9.116Anuj Mittal2018-08-091-3/+1
* linux-intel/4.9: update to 4.9.116Anuj Mittal2018-08-081-2/+4
* linux-intel/4.9: update SRCREV to 4.9.113Anuj Mittal2018-07-241-3/+3
* linux-intel/4.9: update to 4.9.99Anuj Mittal2018-05-161-2/+2
* linux-intel/4.9: update to v4.9.84California Sullivan2018-05-161-2/+2
* linux-intel/4.9: Update to v4.9.81California Sullivan2018-02-221-2/+2
* linux-intel/4.9: update to v4.9.77California Sullivan2018-01-251-2/+2
* linux-intel/4.9: update to v4.9.76California Sullivan2018-01-161-3/+3
* linux-intel/4.9: Update cache and source SRCREVsCalifornia Sullivan2017-12-181-2/+2
* linux-intel: Update 4.9 SRCREV and refactorSaul Wold2017-12-081-3/+6
* linux-intel/4.9: update SRCREVs for v4.9.61California Sullivan2017-11-221-2/+2
* meta-intel: Reorganize the layout to remove commonSaul Wold2017-11-201-0/+13