path: root/meta-emenlow/recipes-kernel
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* emenlow: update kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi2012-07-101-1/+1
* emenlow: add recipe extention for linux-yocto_3.4Nitin A Kamble2012-07-091-0/+8
* meta-emenlow: remove linux-yocto-2.6.37 .bbappendTom Zanussi2012-06-111-6/+0
* meta-intel: update some kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi2012-05-301-2/+2
* linux-yocto_3.0: Update KMACHINE and KBRANCH to play nice with new kerntoolsDarren Hart2012-05-231-1/+2
* meta-intel: update some kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi2012-05-171-2/+2
* meta-emenlow: remove smp options from recipe-spaceTom Zanussi2012-05-081-1/+0
* meta-emenlow: update kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi2012-04-261-2/+2
* meta-emenlow: switch to linux-yocto-3.2 kernelTom Zanussi2012-03-182-0/+17
* meta-intel: update some kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi2012-01-301-2/+2
* meta-emenlow: remove 2.6.34 .bbappendTom Zanussi2011-12-021-6/+0
* meta-intel: update kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi2011-12-021-2/+2
* meta-intel: update kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi2011-11-141-2/+2
* meta-intel: update SRCREVsTom Zanussi2011-10-171-1/+1
* meta-intel: update SRCREVsTom Zanussi2011-10-041-1/+1
* meta-intel: update SRCREVsTom Zanussi2011-09-271-1/+1
* meta-emenlow: switch to linux-yocto 3.0 kernelTom Zanussi2011-09-221-0/+8
* meta-intel: update meta-emenlow kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi2011-08-261-2/+2
* rt: simplify linux-yocto-rt.bbappend for all BSPsDarren Hart2011-08-121-3/+4
* add linux-yocto-rt_3.0 support for all meta-intel BSPsDarren Hart2011-08-111-0/+7
* Update kernel SRCREVs.Tom Zanussi2011-06-271-2/+2
* meta-intel/linux-yocto: update to match the renamed linux-yocto recipesBruce Ashfield2011-06-154-6/+12
* linux-yocto*: correct FILESEXTRAPATHS assignment in all layersDarren Hart2011-05-272-2/+2
* linux-yocto*: extend FILESEXTRAPATHS instead of clobber themDarren Hart2011-05-132-2/+2
* emenlow: switch kernel to linux-yoctoTom Zanussi2011-02-211-0/+3
* meta-emenlow: upgrade to masterTom Zanussi2010-12-281-1/+1
* meta-emenlow: move to meta-intel repo from poky repoTom Zanussi2010-12-271-0/+3