path: root/meta-emenlow/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto-dev.bbappend
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* Remove older platform specific BSPsSaul Wold2015-08-281-10/+0
* emenlow: Remove SRCREVs from linux-yocto-dev, drop emgd for -devDarren Hart2014-05-231-14/+3
* intel-common: Make using intel-common override opt-inDarren Hart2014-02-061-2/+0
* emenlow: Set PACKAGE_ARCH to MACHINE_ARCH explicitlyDarren Hart2014-01-281-0/+3
* meta-emenlow: Fix gma500 kernel feature name for v3.8 & dev kernels1.6_M2Nitin A Kamble2014-01-201-1/+1
* emenlow: correct the KERNEL_FEATURE variable nameNitin A Kamble2013-07-291-2/+2
* emenlow: linux-yocto-dev recipe extensionNitin A Kamble2013-03-041-0/+20