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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* runtime/onednn: Check onednn file existYeoh Ee Peng2020-04-291-3/+3
* runtime/onednn: Update tests as mkldnn rename to onednnYeoh Ee Peng2020-04-292-6/+6
* runtime/intel_vaapi_driver: Set i965 dirver for testsYeoh Ee Peng2020-04-161-2/+4
* runtime/dldt_inference_engine: Remove cpu extensionYeoh Ee Peng2020-04-141-1/+1
* runtime/dldt_inference_engine: Check MYRIAD device before testYeoh Ee Peng2020-04-091-2/+10
* runtime/tests/dldt_inference_engine_test: Enable check available ie devicesYeoh Ee Peng2020-04-091-0/+8
* runtime/jhi: Enable sanity testYeoh Ee Peng2020-04-071-0/+41
* runtime/thermald: Enable sanity testYeoh Ee Peng2020-04-021-0/+45
* runtime/cyclictest: Enable cyclictest for image with rt kernelYeoh Ee Peng2020-04-011-0/+39
* runtime/libxcam: Enable sanity testYeoh Ee Peng2020-04-011-0/+37
* oeqa/runtime/libipt: Enable sanity testYeoh Ee Peng2020-03-271-0/+23
* runtime/isal: Enable sanity testYeoh Ee Peng2020-03-221-0/+24
* runtime/intel_vaapi_driver: Enable sanity testYeoh Ee Peng2020-03-221-0/+27
* runtime/intel_mediasdk: Enable sanity testYeoh Ee Peng2020-03-221-0/+34
* oeqa/runtime/mkl_dnn: Add mkldnn testsYeoh Ee Peng2020-01-222-0/+124
* oeqa/runtime/cases/dldt: Enable inference engine and model optimizer testsYeoh Ee Peng2019-12-108-0/+384
* oeqa/runtime/microcode: Enable microcode update testYeoh Ee Peng2019-07-081-0/+36
* Add secureboot selftestsCalifornia Sullivan2017-08-301-0/+176