path: root/conf/machine/intel-corei7-64.conf
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* intel-*: wic: drop recursive task depedency to do_bootimgMikko Ylinen2017-01-171-1/+0
* intel-*: build dosfs/mtools for wic image creationMikko Ylinen2017-01-171-1/+1
* vaapi: remove as recipes moved to oe-coreRoss Burton2016-12-151-1/+1
* intel-core*: Add ASPEED Xserver driverRahul Kumar Gupta2016-11-281-0/+1
* intel-core*: add ttyS1 to SERIAL_CONSOLESRahul Kumar Gupta2016-11-281-1/+1
* conf/machine/intel-core*: Change WKS_FILE to systemd-bootdisk-uuidCalifornia Sullivan2016-11-101-1/+1
* intel-corei7-64: Use SERIAL_CONSOLES to add ttyS2Saul Wold2016-11-021-1/+1
* intel-core*: Add support for wic imagesSaul Wold2016-10-171-0/+5
* conf/machine/intel-*: Add rootwait to APPEND variablesCalifornia Sullivan2016-04-261-1/+1
* machine: add i915 firmware to initramfs for intel-core* MACHINEsCalifornia Sullivan2016-03-291-0/+2
* machine: move PREFERRED_VERSION/PREFERRED_PROVIDER to meta-intel.incCalifornia Sullivan2016-02-221-3/+0
* machine: update PREFERRED_VERSION to 4.4 for intel-core* and intel-quarkCalifornia Sullivan2016-02-221-1/+1
* intel-core*: use the 4.1 linux-yocto kernelSaul Wold2015-08-191-1/+1
* intel-corei7-64: add nfc machine featureCristian Iorga2015-06-011-1/+1
* intel-core*: use gstreamer-vaapi-1.0 directly instead of gst-va-intelRoss Burton2015-02-271-1/+1
* intel-core*: Prefer 3.19 for the Intel common BSPsDarren Hart2015-02-201-1/+1
* intel-corei7-64: Add intel-ucode to MACHINE_FEATURESNitin A Kamble2014-10-211-0/+1
* intel-corei7-64: Use the v3.17 kernel by defaultNitin A Kamble2014-09-301-1/+1
* intel-corei7-64.conf: include the AMT daemon in the imagesNitin A Kamble2014-09-181-1/+1
* intel-common: Specify linux-yocto and cleanup orderDarren Hart2014-04-291-2/+3
* intel-corei7-64: change the default kernel to v3.14Nitin A Kamble2014-04-041-1/+1
* intel-core*: Set kernel provider with conditional assignmentDarren Hart2014-03-171-1/+1
* intel-core*: Add common MACHINE_* valuesDarren Hart2014-03-111-0/+8
* intel-core*: Add default serial consoleDarren Hart2014-03-111-0/+4
* intel-core*: Add Xserver driversDarren Hart2014-03-111-0/+11
* intel-common: Make using intel-common override opt-inDarren Hart2014-02-061-2/+2
* Add Intel core2 and corei7 BSPs and tune filesDarren Hart2014-01-281-0/+9