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meta-intel/meta-isg: new area for ISG BSPs
This creates meta-intel/meta-isg, a dedicated area within meta-intel for ISG to house and maintain their ISG-specific BSPs. Signed-off-by: Tom Zanussi <>
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1This file contains a list of BSP maintainers for the BSPs contained in
2the meta-intel/meta-isg repository.
4Please submit any patches against meta-intel/meta-isg BSPs to the
5maintainer of the BSP in question and to the meta-intel mailing list
6( Also, if your patches are available
7via a public git repository, please also include a URL to the repo and
8branch containing your patches as that makes it easier for maintainers
9to grab and test your patches.
11If you have problems with or questions about a particular BSP, feel
12free to contact the maintainer directly (cc:ing the meta-intel mailing
13list puts it in the archive and helps other people who might have the
14same questions in the future), but please try to do the following
17 - look in the Yocto Project Bugzilla
18 ( to see if a problem has
19 already been reported
21 - look through recent entries of the meta-intel
22 ( and Yocto
23 ( mailing list
24 archives to see if other people have run into similar problems or
25 had similar questions answered.
27Descriptions of section entries:
29 M: Mail patches to: FullName <address@domain>
30 F: Files and directories with wildcard patterns.
31 A trailing slash includes all files and subdirectory files.
32 F: meta-haswell-wc/ all files in and below meta-haswell-wc
33 F: meta-haswell-wc/* all files in meta-haswell-wc, but not below
34 One pattern per line. Multiple F: lines acceptable.
36Please keep this list in alphabetical order.
38Maintainers List (try to look for most precise areas first)
40 -----------------------------------
42M: Ong Boon Leong <>
43F: meta-haswwell-wc/