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meta-intel: Clarify and relocate patch submission guidelines
The current location for patch submission guidelines, MAINTAINERS, doesn't make as much sense for that information as does README, so move the relevant information there. The existing patch submission guidelines also aren't as clear and exhaustive as they could be; this change additionally adds more detailed expectations for patch submission. Both files also get a bit of reorganization and a bit more explicit text describing their purpose. Signed-off-by: Tom Zanussi <>
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1This file contains a list of BSP maintainers for the BSPs contained in 1This file contains a list of BSP maintainers for the BSPs contained in
2the meta-intel repository. 2the meta-intel repository.
3 3
4Please submit any patches against meta-intel BSPs to the meta-intel 4The purpose of this file is to provide contact information for
5mailing list ( Also, if your patches are 5specific BSPs and other code contained within meta-intel. You should
6available via a public git repository, please also include a URL to 6address questions and patches for a particular BSP or other code to
7the repo and branch containing your patches as that makes it easier 7the appropriate maintainer listed in this file, cc'ing the meta-intel
8for maintainers to grab and test your patches. 8mailing list. This ensures that your question or patch will be
9 9addressed by the appropriate person, and that it will be seen by other
10If you have problems with or questions about a particular BSP, feel 10users who may be facing similar problems or questions.
11free to contact the maintainer directly (cc:ing the Yocto mailing list 11
12puts it in the archive and helps other people who might have the same 12Please see the top-level README file for guidelines relating to the
13questions in the future), but please try to do the following first: 13details of submitting patches, reporting problems, or asking questions
14 14about any of the BSPs or other recipes contained within meta-intel.
15 - look in the Yocto Project Bugzilla
16 ( to see if a problem has
17 already been reported
19 - look through recent entries of the meta-intel
20 ( and Yocto
21 ( mailing list
22 archives to see if other people have run into similar problems or
23 had similar questions answered.
24 15
25Descriptions of section entries: 16Descriptions of section entries:
26 17