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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* PR bump packages with gdbm in DEPENDSAndrei Gherzan2012-04-131-1/+1
* apr: upgrade to 1.4.6Shane Wang2012-03-211-3/+3
* apr: add to SSTATE_SCAN_FILESMartin Jansa2012-02-231-0/+2
* apr-util: refactor packages for staticdevSaul Wold2012-01-241-2/+2
* apr-util: Upgrade to 1.4.1Zhai Edwin2012-01-032-7/+9
* apr-util: bump PR for gdbm SOVERSION changeMartin Jansa2011-12-011-1/+1
* apr-util: extend sed call to fix libtool patch for case without SHELL in LIBT...Martin Jansa2011-11-161-0/+2
* apr-util: add native supportMartin Jansa2011-10-241-0/+8
* apr: add native supportMartin Jansa2011-10-241-0/+2
* apr: use ${HOST_SYS}-libtoolAndrew Gabbasov2011-09-281-1/+1
* apr-util: disable pqsql support to avoid configure errorMei Lei2011-08-081-1/+2
* apr-util: Upgrade to 1.3.12Zhai Edwin2011-08-041-4/+8
* apr: Upgrade to 1.4.5Zhai Edwin2011-08-042-33/+7
* SRC_URI, S: use BPN instead of PN for multilib caseYu Ke2011-08-042-2/+2
* apr: Fix multilib header conflict - apr.hMark Hatle2011-07-271-2/+6
* License Field Cleanup: Non-standard field namesBeth Flanagan2011-05-272-2/+2
* recipes: Add Upstream-Status to multiple recipesZhai Edwin2011-05-137-25/+12
* staging: Use relative path in sysroot-destdir for target recipesDongxiao Xu2011-01-211-1/+1
* apr-util: Update to 1.3.10Zhai Edwin2011-01-201-4/+8
* apr: Update to 1.4.2Zhai Edwin2011-01-203-10/+47
* apr-util: add --without-odbc to EXTRA_OECONFSaul Wold2010-12-231-1/+2
* SRC_URI Checksums AdditionalsSaul Wold2010-12-092-0/+6
* apr-util:Add license checksum to bb fileMei Lei2010-11-241-1/+1
* apr:Add license checksum to bb fileMei Lei2010-11-241-1/+1
* packages: Separate out most of the remaining packages into recipesRichard Purdie2010-09-018-0/+321