path: root/meta/classes/syslinux.bbclass
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* meta: Replace, d) -> d.expand(xxx)Richard Purdie2012-03-051-1/+1
* meta: Convert getVar/getVarFlag(xxx, 1) -> (xxx, True)Richard Purdie2012-03-051-14/+14
* syslinux: add SYSLINUX_ROOT to APPEND lineSaul Wold2012-02-231-0/+1
* syslinux: Use SYSLINUX_TIMEOUT and SYSLINUX_PROMPT to configure syslinuxSaul Wold2012-02-231-5/+5
* bootimg: Use the same OS files for each boot methodDarren Hart2012-02-081-21/+13
* bootimage: Use ${S} explicitly for generated config filesDarren Hart2011-12-021-2/+2
* bootimg: Pull syslinux specific bits into syslinux.bbclassDarren Hart2011-11-301-8/+60
* Convert to use direct access to the data store (instead of*Var*())Richard Purdie2011-11-101-17/+17
* syslinux.bbclass: Clean up boot menu titleRichard Purdie2008-10-171-1/+1
* syslinux: We forward the LABEL through cmdlineSamuel Ortiz2008-10-081-0/+2
* syslinux.bbclass: Update to use more modern and efficient functionsRichard Purdie2008-09-031-7/+3
* syslinux.bbclass: imported from OE (needed to generate booting CD)Marcin Juszkiewicz2007-06-081-0/+156