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1# This configuration file lists filesystem objects that should get verified
2# during startup and be created if missing.
4# Every line must either be a comment starting with #
5# or a definition of format:
6# <type> <owner> <group> <mode> <path> <linksource>
7# where the items are separated by whitespace !
9# <type> : d|f|l : (d)irectory|(f)ile|(l)ink
11# A linking example:
12# l root root 0777 /var/test /tmp/testfile
13# f root root 0644 /var/test none
15# Understanding links:
16# When populate-volatile is to verify/create a directory or file, it will first
17# check it's existence. If a link is found to exist in the place of the target,
18# the path of the target is replaced with the target the link points to.
19# Thus, if a link is in the place to be verified, the object will be created
20# in the place the link points to instead.
21# This explains the order of "link before object" as in the example above, where
22# a link will be created at /var/test pointing to /tmp/testfile and due to this
23# link the file defined as /var/test will actually be created as /tmp/testfile.
24d root root 1777 /run/lock none
25d root root 0755 /var/volatile/log none
26d root root 1777 /var/volatile/tmp none
27l root root 1777 /var/lock /run/lock
28l root root 0755 /var/log /var/volatile/log
29l root root 0755 /var/run /run
30l root root 1777 /var/tmp /var/volatile/tmp
31l root root 1777 /tmp /var/tmp
32d root root 0755 /var/lock/subsys none
33f root root 0664 /var/log/wtmp none
34f root root 0664 /var/run/utmp none
35l root root 0644 /etc/resolv.conf /var/run/resolv.conf
36f root root 0644 /var/run/resolv.conf none