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1From 170be4023bbf9e9698a709e03265945588ac8e01 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
2From: Robert Yang <>
3Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2013 00:21:50 +0800
4Subject: [PATCH] doc/coreutils.texi: Use '@item' instead of '@itemx'
6Use '@item' instead of '@itemx' in several places, as Texinfo 5 refuses
7to process an '@itemx' that is not preceded by an '@item'. Ensure that
8node extended names in menus and sectioning are consistent, and that
9ordering and presence of nodes in menus and in the actual text are
10consistent as well.
12Upstream-Status: Backport [From:, bug#11828]
14Signed-off-by: Robert Yang <>
16 doc/coreutils.texi | 82 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------------
17 1 file changed, 41 insertions(+), 41 deletions(-)
19diff --git a/doc/coreutils.texi b/doc/coreutils.texi
20index 588147f..2dae3fe 100644
21--- a/doc/coreutils.texi
22+++ b/doc/coreutils.texi
23@@ -555,7 +555,7 @@ symbolic link to a directory. @xref{Target directory}.
24 @end macro
26 @macro optSi
27-@itemx --si
28+@item --si
29 @opindex --si
30 @cindex SI output
31 Append an SI-style abbreviation to each size, such as @samp{M} for
32@@ -578,7 +578,7 @@ Use the @option{--si} option if you prefer powers of 1000.
33 @end macro
35 @macro optStripTrailingSlashes
36-@itemx @w{@kbd{--strip-trailing-slashes}}
37+@item @w{@kbd{--strip-trailing-slashes}}
38 @opindex --strip-trailing-slashes
39 @cindex stripping trailing slashes
40 Remove any trailing slashes from each @var{source} argument.
41@@ -2496,7 +2496,7 @@ by 1048576.
42 However, if @var{n} starts with a @samp{-},
43 print all but the last @var{n} bytes of each file.
45-@itemx -n @var{n}
46+@item -n @var{n}
47 @itemx --lines=@var{n}
48 @opindex -n
49 @opindex --lines
50@@ -2633,7 +2633,7 @@ This option is the same as @option{--follow=name --retry}. That is, tail
51 will attempt to reopen a file when it is removed. Should this fail, tail
52 will keep trying until it becomes accessible again.
54-@itemx --retry
55+@item --retry
56 @opindex --retry
57 This option is useful mainly when following by name (i.e., with
58 @option{--follow=name}).
59@@ -2641,7 +2641,7 @@ Without this option, when tail encounters a file that doesn't
60 exist or is otherwise inaccessible, it reports that fact and
61 never checks it again.
63-@itemx --sleep-interval=@var{number}
64+@item --sleep-interval=@var{number}
65 @opindex --sleep-interval
66 Change the number of seconds to wait between iterations (the default is 1.0).
67 During one iteration, every specified file is checked to see if it has
68@@ -2651,7 +2651,7 @@ Historical implementations of @command{tail} have required that
69 an arbitrary floating point number (using a period before any
70 fractional digits).
72-@itemx --pid=@var{pid}
73+@item --pid=@var{pid}
74 @opindex --pid
75 When following by name or by descriptor, you may specify the process ID,
76 @var{pid}, of the sole writer of all @var{file} arguments. Then, shortly
77@@ -2674,7 +2674,7 @@ terminate until long after the real writer has terminated.
78 Note that @option{--pid} cannot be supported on some systems; @command{tail}
79 will print a warning if this is the case.
81-@itemx --max-unchanged-stats=@var{n}
82+@item --max-unchanged-stats=@var{n}
83 @opindex --max-unchanged-stats
84 When tailing a file by name, if there have been @var{n} (default
86@@ -2686,7 +2686,7 @@ number of seconds between when tail prints the last pre-rotation lines
87 and when it prints the lines that have accumulated in the new log file.
88 This option is meaningful only when following by name.
90-@itemx -n @var{n}
91+@item -n @var{n}
92 @itemx --lines=@var{n}
93 @opindex -n
94 @opindex --lines
95@@ -2817,7 +2817,7 @@ option.
96 @opindex --numeric-suffixes
97 Use digits in suffixes rather than lower-case letters.
99-@itemx --verbose
100+@item --verbose
101 @opindex --verbose
102 Write a diagnostic to standard error just before each output file is opened.
104@@ -3055,7 +3055,7 @@ Print only the newline counts.
105 @opindex --max-line-length
106 Print only the maximum line lengths.
108-@itemx --files0-from=@var{FILE}
109+@item --files0-from=@var{FILE}
110 @opindex --files0-from=@var{FILE}
111 @cindex including files from @command{du}
112 Rather than processing files named on the command line, process those
113@@ -3250,7 +3250,7 @@ an MD5 checksum inconsistent with the associated file, or if no valid
114 line is found, @command{md5sum} exits with nonzero status. Otherwise,
115 it exits successfully.
117-@itemx --status
118+@item --status
119 @opindex --status
120 @cindex verifying MD5 checksums
121 This option is useful only when verifying checksums.
122@@ -5837,7 +5837,7 @@ command line unless the @option{--dereference-command-line} (@option{-H}),
123 If a command line argument specifies a symbolic link, show information
124 for the file the link references rather than for the link itself.
126-@itemx --dereference-command-line-symlink-to-dir
127+@item --dereference-command-line-symlink-to-dir
128 @opindex --dereference-command-line-symlink-to-dir
129 @cindex symbolic links, dereferencing
130 Do not dereference symbolic links, with one exception:
131@@ -7015,15 +7015,15 @@ If specified, the @var{attribute_list} must be a comma-separated list
132 of one or more of the following strings:
134 @table @samp
135-@itemx mode
136+@item mode
137 Preserve the file mode bits and access control lists.
138-@itemx ownership
139+@item ownership
140 Preserve the owner and group. On most modern systems,
141 only users with appropriate privileges may change the owner of a file,
142 and ordinary users
143 may preserve the group ownership of a file only if they happen to be
144 a member of the desired group.
145-@itemx timestamps
146+@item timestamps
147 Preserve the times of last access and last modification, when possible.
148 In general, it is not possible to preserve these attributes
149 when the affected file is a symbolic link.
150@@ -7031,12 +7031,12 @@ However, FreeBSD now provides the @code{lutimes} function, which makes
151 it possibile even for symbolic links. However, this implementation does
152 not yet take advantage of that.
153 @c FIXME: once we provide lutimes support, update the above.
154-@itemx links
155+@item links
156 Preserve in the destination files
157 any links between corresponding source files.
158 @c Give examples illustrating how hard links are preserved.
159 @c Also, show how soft links map to hard links with -L and -H.
160-@itemx all
161+@item all
162 Preserve all file attributes.
163 Equivalent to specifying all of the above.
164 @end table
165@@ -7049,12 +7049,12 @@ mode bits of the corresponding source file, minus the bits set in the
166 umask and minus the set-user-ID and set-group-ID bits.
167 @xref{File permissions}.
169-@itemx @w{@kbd{--no-preserve}=@var{attribute_list}}
170+@item @w{@kbd{--no-preserve}=@var{attribute_list}}
171 @cindex file information, preserving
172 Do not preserve the specified attributes. The @var{attribute_list}
173 has the same form as for @option{--preserve}.
175-@itemx --parents
176+@item --parents
177 @opindex --parents
178 @cindex parent directories and @command{cp}
179 Form the name of each destination file by appending to the target
180@@ -7070,7 +7070,7 @@ cp --parents a/b/c existing_dir
181 copies the file @file{a/b/c} to @file{existing_dir/a/b/c}, creating
182 any missing intermediate directories.
184-@itemx @w{@kbd{--reply}=@var{how}}
185+@item @w{@kbd{--reply}=@var{how}}
186 @opindex --reply
187 @cindex interactivity
188 @c FIXME: remove in 2008
189@@ -7742,7 +7742,7 @@ Prompt whether to overwrite each existing destination file, regardless
190 of its permissions.
191 If the response is not affirmative, the file is skipped.
193-@itemx @w{@kbd{--reply}=@var{how}}
194+@item @w{@kbd{--reply}=@var{how}}
195 @opindex --reply
196 @cindex interactivity
197 @c FIXME: remove in 2008
198@@ -7847,7 +7847,7 @@ files are named or if a recursive removal is requested. Ignore any
199 previous @option{--force} (@option{-f}) option. Equivalent to
200 @option{--interactive=once}.
202-@itemx --interactive [=@var{when}]
203+@item --interactive [=@var{when}]
204 @opindex --interactive
205 Specify when to issue an interactive prompt. @var{when} may be
206 omitted, or one of:
207@@ -7866,7 +7866,7 @@ removal is requested. Equivalent to @option{-I}.
208 Specifying @option{--interactive} and no @var{when} is equivalent to
209 @option{--interactive=always}.
211-@itemx --one-file-system
212+@item --one-file-system
213 @opindex --one-file-system
214 @cindex one file system, restricting @command{rm} to
215 When removing a hierarchy recursively, skip any directory that is on a
216@@ -7884,7 +7884,7 @@ warn about and skip directories on other file systems.
217 Of course, this will not save your @file{/home} if it and your
218 chroot happen to be on the same file system.
220-@itemx --preserve-root
221+@item --preserve-root
222 @opindex --preserve-root
223 @cindex root directory, disallow recursive destruction
224 Fail upon any attempt to remove the root directory, @file{/},
225@@ -7892,7 +7892,7 @@ when used with the @option{--recursive} option.
226 This is the default behavior.
227 @xref{Treating / specially}.
229-@itemx --no-preserve-root
230+@item --no-preserve-root
231 @opindex --no-preserve-root
232 @cindex root directory, allow recursive destruction
233 Do not treat @file{/} specially when removing recursively.
234@@ -8874,7 +8874,7 @@ actually changes.
235 Do not print error messages about files whose ownership cannot be
236 changed.
238-@itemx @w{@kbd{--from}=@var{old-owner}}
239+@item @w{@kbd{--from}=@var{old-owner}}
240 @opindex --from
241 @cindex symbolic links, changing owner
242 Change a @var{file}'s ownership only if it has current attributes specified
243@@ -8928,14 +8928,14 @@ is a symbolic link.
244 By default, no diagnostic is issued for symbolic links encountered
245 during a recursive traversal, but see @option{--verbose}.
247-@itemx --preserve-root
248+@item --preserve-root
249 @opindex --preserve-root
250 @cindex root directory, disallow recursive modification
251 Fail upon any attempt to recursively change the root directory, @file{/}.
252 Without @option{--recursive}, this option has no effect.
253 @xref{Treating / specially}.
255-@itemx --no-preserve-root
256+@item --no-preserve-root
257 @opindex --no-preserve-root
258 @cindex root directory, allow recursive modification
259 Cancel the effect of any preceding @option{--preserve-root} option.
260@@ -9054,14 +9054,14 @@ is a symbolic link.
261 By default, no diagnostic is issued for symbolic links encountered
262 during a recursive traversal, but see @option{--verbose}.
264-@itemx --preserve-root
265+@item --preserve-root
266 @opindex --preserve-root
267 @cindex root directory, disallow recursive modification
268 Fail upon any attempt to recursively change the root directory, @file{/}.
269 Without @option{--recursive}, this option has no effect.
270 @xref{Treating / specially}.
272-@itemx --no-preserve-root
273+@item --no-preserve-root
274 @opindex --no-preserve-root
275 @cindex root directory, allow recursive modification
276 Cancel the effect of any preceding @option{--preserve-root} option.
277@@ -9175,14 +9175,14 @@ actually changes.
278 Do not print error messages about files whose permissions cannot be
279 changed.
281-@itemx --preserve-root
282+@item --preserve-root
283 @opindex --preserve-root
284 @cindex root directory, disallow recursive modification
285 Fail upon any attempt to recursively change the root directory, @file{/}.
286 Without @option{--recursive}, this option has no effect.
287 @xref{Treating / specially}.
289-@itemx --no-preserve-root
290+@item --no-preserve-root
291 @opindex --no-preserve-root
292 @cindex root directory, allow recursive modification
293 Cancel the effect of any preceding @option{--preserve-root} option.
294@@ -9603,7 +9603,7 @@ The program accepts the following options. Also see @ref{Common options}.
295 @opindex --all
296 Show counts for all files, not just directories.
298-@itemx --apparent-size
299+@item --apparent-size
300 @opindex --apparent-size
301 Print apparent sizes, rather than disk usage. The apparent size of a
302 file is the number of bytes reported by @code{wc -c} on regular files,
303@@ -9654,7 +9654,7 @@ Does not affect other symbolic links. This is helpful for finding
304 out the disk usage of directories, such as @file{/usr/tmp}, which
305 are often symbolic links.
307-@itemx --files0-from=@var{FILE}
308+@item --files0-from=@var{FILE}
309 @opindex --files0-from=@var{FILE}
310 @cindex including files from @command{du}
311 Rather than processing files named on the command line, process those
312@@ -9733,7 +9733,7 @@ Output a null byte at the end of each line, rather than a newline.
313 This option enables other programs to parse the output of @command{du}
314 even when that output would contain file names with embedded newlines.
316-@itemx --si
317+@item --si
318 @opindex --si
319 @cindex SI output
320 Append an SI-style abbreviation to each size, such as @samp{MB} for
321@@ -9754,13 +9754,13 @@ Display only a total for each argument.
322 Report the size of each directory separately, not including the sizes
323 of subdirectories.
325-@itemx --time
326+@item --time
327 @opindex --time
328 @cindex last modified dates, displaying in @command{du}
329 Show time of the most recent modification of any file in the directory,
330 or any of its subdirectories.
332-@itemx --time=ctime
333+@item --time=ctime
334 @itemx --time=status
335 @itemx --time=use
336 @opindex --time
337@@ -9770,7 +9770,7 @@ or any of its subdirectories.
338 Show the most recent status change time (the @samp{ctime} in the inode) of
339 any file in the directory, instead of the modification time.
341-@itemx --time=atime
342+@item --time=atime
343 @itemx --time=access
344 @opindex --time
345 @opindex atime@r{, show the most recent}
346@@ -9911,7 +9911,7 @@ $ stat --format=%d:%i / /usr
347 2057:2
348 @end example
350-@itemx --printf=@var{format}
351+@item --printf=@var{format}
352 @opindex --printf=@var{format}
353 @cindex output format
354 Use @var{format} rather than the default format.
355@@ -12240,7 +12240,7 @@ Overrides all other options.
356 @opindex -s
357 Ignored; for compatibility with other versions of @command{who}.
359-@itemx -u
360+@item -u
361 @opindex -u
362 @cindex idle time
363 After the login time, print the number of hours and minutes that the
364@@ -12254,7 +12254,7 @@ user has been idle. @samp{.} means the user was active in the last minute.
365 List only the entries that correspond to processes via which the
366 system is waiting for a user to login. The user name is always @samp{LOGIN}.
368-@itemx --lookup
369+@item --lookup
370 @opindex --lookup
371 Attempt to canonicalize hostnames found in utmp through a DNS lookup. This
372 is not the default because it can cause significant delays on systems with